Ghost Graveyard Landscape Final

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My graphic landscape submission for the Halloween Sessions Challenge.
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  • Hah, love this
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  • You know from my "Press Play" project that I'm all about the paranormal 👻. This is awesome - LOVE it!

  • Wes Burke(wesburke)

    Hey there, could you re-upload the video, or if you have an updated interaction to share? I wanted to share this internally with the CGC crew. Pretty cool.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Oh that is a cool idea man. I think maybe the colors can be a little more lively, since the scene feels chibi and cute and right now there's a washed out white all over. Just a nit pick but it's always good to iterate once you finished with one idea, if there's time always try the next one.

    • comn author

      Yeah, I noticed that too. I struggled with the colors, I'm still not sure why it turned out washed out looking. It's better on one of my monitors than the other.

      Edit: Pretty sure it's the bloom. I set that early on and forgot about it. If I have time later, I'll go back and redo it with a higher threshold.

      Edit 2: I modified the bloom settings and uploaded the new version