gameboy Final

I finished my first project today :) 
Is it perfect? No.

Am I happy regardless? Yes.

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  • Adrian

    Love the color,
    Looks pretty close to perfect to me!
    Well done completing this one...
    What are you thinking of for your next challenge?

    • M
      Michelle Horst(Mixxi) author

      Hello Adrian, thank you for your kind response.

      I am currently following the Fundamentals of 3D mesh modelling course.

      I did some of the challenges that were issued in the lessons there.

      I added those on the forum in the categorie polybooks.

      I made a chicken coop and a small robot.

      However the more classes I follow, the more I realize there are better ways to do things.

      It is however how to do the challenge ;)

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Congrats on completing the course. The result is good, very nice color choice. Thumbs up gal. Now on to the next project. Go, go, go.