Game of Life Final

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After watching Thom Barron’s great tutorial “Particles” on using simulation and repeat zones, I decided to try creating “The game of Life” in Blender using Geometry Nodes. I used a simulation zone to advance each generation, and a repeat zone to determine how many neighbors are alive. It was a challenging project but I learned a lot about geometry nodes in blender. Thanks for a great and inspiring tutorial.
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  • This sort of things is a lot easier with code than with nodes: but then many of the node trees I’ve seen people come up with are probably more work than re-writing, well, if not a half of Blender than a half of viewport (or Workbench I think it’s called now), for sure.😉😁👍

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That is cool, it reminded me of a scientist I saw once on the Lex Friedman podcast, Stephen Wolfram and Complex systems and Cellular Automata. A good listen if you haven't already.