Press Start: "Game Bowie" Final

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After finishing the “Press Start” course (and purchasing a full CGCookie subscription for a year 😮), I wanted to share what I came up with during my own follow-along.

I wanted to put a slight spin on “Game Boy”. And what started as a play on words soon became an idea for a full-blown design.... 

“Game Bowie” was born 💥

(I definitely feel like this animation should be set to some Bowie music, but at the moment, I haven't been able to acquire the rights 🤣)

I really appreciated this course as a whole. Even not being completely new to Blender, I loved the way it covered so many different aspects of the creation process -- and it made for a fantastic primer on a lot of things I want to start digging deeper into next.

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  • I hadn't seen your work and if this Game Boy had existed, I would have bought it.
    The titles are among my favorites. A reference to "black star"... Subtle
    We miss dear David...
    Your work is brilliant, both in concept and execution.

    • CypherPoet author

      Thanks for the nice compliments! There was definitely some extra polish that was inspired by wanting to do justice to the legend 👨‍🎤