Futuristic City Work In Progress

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Futuristic City I have been working on for some time now. I hope you like the look of it. 

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  • This is a really cool look. Great job getting this far!

    A lot of the city looks like it's ready to take off. Rockets, space shuttles, and space ships sitting on their boosters, ready to go. You've done a really good job of keeping a consistent feel to the city even though most of the buildings are unique.

    I look forward to seeing people, or their synth counterparts, and vehicles on the streets!

  • Cool city, I'd live there. Looks like there is no crime and labor for income has been phased out. We achieved high standards of living for everyone and every citizen is Einstein level smart. Mental health has to be tip top 100% full otherwise anyone could built a nuclear bomb. I hereby name your city, Seirios, from the Greek word Σείριος, meaning lit or 'glowing'.