Fundamentals of Mesh Modeling + Procedural Snowman Final

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Much needed fundamentals course and a neat modifier focused course. Gonna be funslowly adding and enhancing stuff in my blocky room

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Yep, very good work Hayden. Is it weird I get a bit anxious with the CPU next to the bed? I always freak out that it might blow up by doing too much renders and the bed sheets will catch on fire. Anyways, keep up the cool work.

    • Hayden Brown(Bonkerz) author

      *animates revolving can of beans
      -*burns down house
      To clarify, up against the bed are lil trash cans and the computer's on the far side. The convenience overrules my concern. Thank you Omar

  • Adrian

    Great work so far, keep it up!