Fundamentals of Digital Sculpting: Shark Final

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This is my execution of a shark sculpture that was a part of the digital sculpting course taught by Kent Trammell and 2D artwork by Alyssa Veysey. My goal was to honor the spirit of 2D illustration and to be reasonably accurate, while not focusing on xerox-level fidelity. 

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  • You've really captured the reference here, what a great sculpt ppbenson

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      pbenson author

      Thank you Keith. I appreciate that. I really like your portfolio and love how you translate your highly expressive characters from concept. How long have you been crafting in 3D?

  • Adrian

    Great shark Batman!!
    It looks pretty much a perfect comparison to the reference image.
    Top job!

    • p
      pbenson author

      Thank you, Adrian! While I can see proportional differences, and I needed the gills to bisect the s-curve line down the side, I am happy with the result overall.

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    I second Omar's feedback! Like I said in your exercise grade: Easily in the top 3 submissions I've reviewed. Very keen to see what you create next, Peter.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Holy wow, this is the most accurate version I have seen. It is perfect. You are a master Benson. Awesome job.

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      pbenson author

      Thank you for your encouragement, Omar. I had a blast participating in Kent's course. He really made all of these tools click. It is so exciting when I got to feel like the intentions that I wanted for the form were something I had control over and was empowered to shape with specificity. While I have been playing/training with other traditional modeling and editing methods so far this is one of very few digital sculpting experiences I've had/completed. Looking forward to doing more and getting more involved with the CGCookie community as time allows.