Fundamentals of Blender Materials and Shading - Desk exercise Final

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First test render came out brighter than the final one and I'm not sure what changed this when I was doing test renders in-between the fist and final one. 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    In the render properties, at the bottom is the color management tab. It seems like one render was made with the filmic view transform and the other with the standard. Your exercise is looking good nonetheless.

    • Robbie Christie(ROBBERCHIEF) author

      I do know of that option in the colour management tab. That being said, switching the 'View Transform' to Standard made the shadows brighter, but made the highlights blown out. Anyway, all good, the change just happened randomly and when I was rendering it out, I noticed it looked darker and was seeing if this is a common thing.