Fundamentals of 3d Mesh Modeling with eyes bigger than my stomach Work In Progress

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Recently completed the above mentioned course - I have taken it upon myself to recreate my partner and I's work space at home featuring the table we designed and built together a few months back using sketchup and the machines at my workplace (prior to having any real interest in properly exploring 3d graphics with a new career in mind).

I'm keeping it low poly per the instructions given in the course and not getting too far ahead of myself. I'm chuffed with the computer chairs (espesh the wheels, and the ergonomically shaped seats where I squished the hell out of a sphere so it's fit right for a butt). I had to look up a tutorial on getting the paper lamp to do the thing so it lights up the thing (etc etc). But otherwise it's all from what I've learnt in the course (minus what I forgot and will go back for).

 I intend to return to this and finish it inbetween the next number of courses. I'll add all of the picture frames on the wall that's not present in the render, along with the bookshelf - I'd like to take photos of the artworks on my walls and work out how to apply them to the frames in the model (I know it's possible, I'm guessing i'll get my answer in the Fundamentals of Texturing course?)

I'll also make the table lamps, keyboards & mice, empty mugs and cereal bowls, and everything else including the unruly amount of hair that my cats keep managing to leave everywhere (C'mon I'm kidding I won't be adding the hair - that's absurd).

 TLDR: Look at the chair I made where I park my keister while learning how to Blender
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