From Drain to Fame: The Duck's Tale Final

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'From Drain to Fame: The Duck's Tale,' encapsulates the profound metamorphosis of mundane urbanity into a surreal realm of rebirth and notoriety. With a rubberized effigy of colossal proportions, this piece thrusts the viewer into a dimension where the everyday sewer grate becomes a portal to transcendental contemplation. Through the duck's unblinking gaze, we are invited to traverse the subterranean labyrinth of our own existence, ascending from the obscure depths of anonymity to the luminous heights of recognition. It whispers secrets of transformation, echoing the transcendental journey of modernity's unlikeliest hero—a giant rubber duck.
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  • When children remain locked in their safe, secure kindergarten sheltered underground from the harsh reality outside, their toys, as well as the struggles over these toys, acquire monumental proportions. The kindergarten becomes their world — indeed, their universe; if there is anything outside of it, it’s not real and as such, doesn’t matter. They choose their leaders, who declare that, being the majority in the kindergarten, the children can run it, for nothing can stop or harm the followers of the rubber duck whose warm glow symbolises eternal safety and protection; whose smooth outlines promise comfort and prosperity; and whose soft but springy feel reassures of stability.