Freestyle Fun - Blueprints Final

After watching "Rendering blueprint outlines" from the Cartoon Rendering Crash Course, i applied some Freestyle to some weapon concepts for a (future) fps-character. The first weapon is supposed to look like a mix between a shotgun and a rocketlauncher. The "barrels" can rotate and gives room for multple firemodes (for animation, gameplay and ethetics). The second weapon is supposed to be a dual barrelled smg/machinepistol for primarily shortranged combat. Its supposed to be worn on the forearm (left, right of both). And should be 360d rotateble. For ethetics i mirrored it on Z, though a different weapon should be placed on that position. Project status: Im done with the pics, but the weapons are still in the concepting phase. I don't use 2D concept art or references (besides sketches). Note to self: enable CG-cookie + for future uploads to enable image processing.
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