Floor Play - GeoNodes Jigsaw Puzzle Final

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I wanted to try using Geonodes to replicate a particle based jigsaw I built a few years ago. The old version was clunky and envolved a lot of steps. Here I just drop the image in the modifier and the image texture and Bobs your uncle. It will automatically adjust to the image dimensions while allowing you to set the puzzle and tile size. It can also facilitate cropping and stretch to bounds.

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  • Adrian

    This is epic!
    Too right its a staff pick 🏆
    Awesome work Jan, Well done!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    This is so next level and it looks so realistic. I think I can retire now and go hunt rabbits in nature. I bet Adrian will make it a staff pick.

    • Jan Konopka(Genghis Jhan) author

      Cheers Omar. I'm not gonna lie, this took a long time, trying to figure out the geonodes for this baked my noodle.