Fishermans Hat Final

After many failed attempts to create a Fishermans Hat, I finally came to a result that I'm satisfied with. Texture from :)
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  • Thanks man, I actually did have a Normal Map plugged in, but it didn't seem to do the trick. Check out my recent updated version! I added a DISP Map and that definitely did the trick. Thanks so much for your advice! :) Also, I did add the gloss map for good reflections ;) lol

  • Yes I think I do. :)
    I'm guessing that you've just applied the diffuse color texture to your model (although I'm wondering whether you did not also use the specular map too because the reflections seem good). Anyways to fix your problem, you should try adding in a displacement map or at least a bump map (if the texture comes from Poliigon you are sure to have all what you need). ;)

  • Thank you much, Yves! I always appreciate any form of feedback so I can improve. :) I will take the tips offered here and try to make this even more realistic. The biggest issue I have is the flat wallpaper like texturing. Do you know how I can fix that?

  • Great use of hair and depth of field.

  • Very good job !!! Really nice. :)
    That hair system is great !!! Well done.

    I'm always trying to force myself to find some critic points and here is what I've got for your pic :

    - Your render has pitch black areas wich you should avoid.
    - Although the texture is at first sight very nice, when you examine it, you quickly find it very flat getting the "wallpapper_texture" effect. (This is most visible on the right side of the mesh)
    - You should also try to hide your UV seams from the camera. It's clear that you've got one going from top to bottom on the left side of the mesh.

    please understand that this is just nitpicking. Your render is a very nice piece of art. :)

  • Thanks Frikkr! :) haha, I was going for the beanie I own, so that is awesome to hear :) I haven't used Poliigon much, but so far it is really an amazing site. I am still on the 30 day free trial. You should try it out :)