First week done with CG Cookie Final

Finished my first week with blender and CG Cookie flow with the new "PRESS START" Tutorial. This looks SO satisfying to look at! for me at least ;-) I did some small changes, which is turned up the metallic a bit and turn down roughness for the main body, changed the color to a gray like an actual Gameboy (because nostalgia) and added a "Power" text on top of the button on the top right corner of the console. I plan to revisit this model and change some more things after going through the fundamentals, like adding a volume wheel and headphone jack. (What classic handheld DOSEN'T have one lol) Also do a proper animation of it. I actually signed up a week ago, after dusting off this old account, before the press start tutorial and I'm glad it was avaliable when I finished the beginners overview of blender. I'm so excited to see what I'm able to make after going through the fundamentals!
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