First Project-Game Boy Gaming Final

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It has been a very rewarding learning experience from not knowing Blender to finish my first 3D rendering with Blender. Lots of problem solving along the way. I am glad to see two weeks of consistent learning paid off!

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  • Adrian

    Congrats on finishing the course with a great result.
    A little issue with the D-pad
    But overall the 2 weeks of learning look like they definitely paid off.
    Well done!
    Any plans for your next 2 weeks of learning?

    • Lu Pan(louiepan2001) author

      Thanks, Adrian. I am picking up a few more mini-classes related to modeling. So I could get a bit more practice. Maybe introduce a few random practices here and there. I try to practice a bit more with all the shorts cuts, and build into my build muscle memory :)

  • a really great result, especially when you first discover Blender!

    I love the custom images and that purple tone in the background.

    and the animated video is just the icing on the cake.
    very cool!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    From zero to an excellent result. Your model is also one of the best looking results I've seen. The contour of the console looks great, though the D-pad can use a little fixing. Otherwise it all looks cool. Awesome job.

    • Lu Pan(louiepan2001) author

      Thank you Omar for the feedback. I will play around with the D-pad a little bit more :)