Farnsworth Final

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 I wanted to try some architectural stuff. This is the result.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking very nice Hugo. As Adrian says, you can see the noise in the renders, more samples will clear that up. Also you can try placing more things inside, feels very empty at the moment. But overall it looks great, the lighting and realism is there.

    • Hugo Wosolsobe(HugoWos) author

      Thanks! I didn't notice the noise at first when i rendered it, but now that you and Adrian mentioned it, it's actually quite obvious...
      I tried to stay as faithful as possible to the reference, which is actually now a museum, hence the minimalistic decoration. But definitely want try something a bit more lively for my next archviz project.

  • Adrian

    Excellent modelling!
    I am guessing these are your own models?
    For an architectural visualization, to sell the realism, you will need a higher number of samples when rendering. And make use of the denoise, either via the render settings or in compositing.

    • Hugo Wosolsobe(HugoWos) author

      Thank you!
      Yes, I modeled everything from scratch. I will try a few new renders with higher samples and denoise.