Fantasy Gun Final

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Excited to share my latest creation—a fantasy gun game-ready 3D model. 🚀 #3dmodeling #gameart #fantasy #digitalart #gamedev #artstation #3dartist #aaa #hardsurface #cgi #visualization

For texture close-ups and turntable please visit artstation:

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That is so incredibly cool. I love it. You know what I would call it, an Armadillo Gun. And maybe give it it's own Armadillo character owner to go with it. The Armadillo Gun Slinger.

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      Savish Uttam(savish274) author

      I'm glad that you love it! The idea of calling it an Armadillo Gun is spot on, and I actually had the same thought. That guard on the top does give it that Armadillo vibe.

  • It’s quite an achievement to create a cool sci-fantasy asset like this; but to make it game-ready, to UV-unwrap and bake the PBR textures for every piece of greeble, not to mention keeping it all compact enough for Sketchfab — that makes me jealous, I’ll admit, because I couldn’t come even close with this endeavour of mine 😉.

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      Savish Uttam(savish274) author

      Hey, thanks a bunch for the kind words! It means a lot.

      And don't be too hard on yourself! Every creative journey has its challenges. Keep pushing, and you'll surprise yourself. You've got talent! 👍
      And I've checked out the "Blades of Ketuwa" project you shared – it looks great. However, it could benefit from a touch of imperfection. The weapons seem a bit too pristine, which isn't quite realistic. Introducing some imperfections would enhance the overall aesthetics.