Eren's House Final

Eren's House from Attack on Titans
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  • aadrianchen617 Really mystical place! I would just tilt some of the stair steps a little bit so that they don't look so perfectly aligned.

  • This is a really great view of the town!

    I wouldn't have noticed, but anarchymedes is right. The air almost has a modern day smog to it, particularly noticeable to the upper left.

    That said, I really love the detail you put into this town!

  • I have no idea what Attack on Titans is: maybe it’s some misty fantasy world; but if not, then I believe the fog/smog/mist atmospheric thing is a bit overdone here, especially with the bright-green leaves on trees (no winter) and the clear sky with the summer clouds above. And the time of day also looks like the late morning... Sorry, don’t mean to sound nitpicking, but that’s the difference between the good and the great.😁