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Elora the faun, from Spyro: Reignited!

I've been going through Pierrick Picaut's rigging course, the art of effective rigging, while working on this model and decided to try applying what I've learned so far. I haven't tackled the chapter on facial rigging yet, so that's controlled with shape keys for now. Everything else is deformed using bones.

Sculpted in Blender and Zbrush, textures painted in Substance painter.

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  • Ah man, such a nice job!! And great poses!

  • Poses look very natural, well done

  • It looks like you've done a pretty great job with the facial expressions and hand gestures.

    Getting the cross legged pose to look right seems like it might've been challenging.

    Really well done!

    • Paul Rikkers(paulrikkers) author

      Thank you!
      Yes, that pose was an attempt to see how far I could push the leg deformations. If you manually tweak the skirt bones a bit to get rid of clipping it seems to behave well enough.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Can't say much about characters and rigging, but seeing it as an normal observer, it looks cool. Plus the lighting and gradients makes the artwork feel very appealing. Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

    • Paul Rikkers(paulrikkers) author

      Thanks Omar!
      I actually really value the opinions of ''normal observers'' :P, they tend to not care about the technical details and just focus on if it looks good or not, which at the end of the day is all that really matters.