DTIYS lizznull Final

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Finally had some time again to do a fun sculpt :)

Made everything in Blender, except some Post processing in PS.

Original Artwork by: lizznull

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool stuff Ingrid. I always say the same thing, I don't know anything about characters, I have been watching HUMAN at last and Kent makes emphasis on how little details are extremely important because we see faces everyday. I can see in the last image with the viewport shading how the mouth is soft and the shape flows very nicely and smoothly, but in the first image with the full render, there's subtle bumps in the mouth made apparent by the shadows and that makes a lot of difference. It's not a critique per se, more an observation. Like wow, I can see how details are surely important. Anyways, awesome job dudette 🤟🏼

    • Ingrid Frank(Fide) author

      Thank you Omar!
      I didn´t notice the bump in the rendered one. I think I worked to long on the piece to see mistakes 😶
      Don´t worry, even if it really were criticism, I´d be happy to receive it! After all, I want to grow as an artist :)