Dreamhouse Final

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Image recreation from Truoba. The concept and floorplans are from Truoba. Practice for Architercual visualisations, Focus on real world parameters and scale. I started with the floorplan modeling of the walls, then booleans for windows and doors. Roof and balcony are done with solidify and arrays. Grass was created useing scatter 5 and grassblade, plants and trees are from vegetation. Textures from Poliigon. Added some imperfections with fluent. Furniture from Imeshh. Compositing and colorcorrection in Gimp
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Ah to live away from the chaos of the city on a nice house like that, in piece and quiet where the kids can round around and play, yeah they'll get bored out of their minds but they'll appreciate it when they're older. Great architectural visualization Tobias and way of making me jealous.