Donuts Final

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This is from my starting projects. [when i just start blender]. And now just upgrade it a little bit. I know the Donuts need to be scaled.
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  • Adrian

    The donuts do look tasty, although I prefer bigger donuts, they guy across the street has donuts twice the size.
    I agree with Omar, change the camera angle, and bring it in for a tighter shot. Removing some of the empty space.
    Good job overall,
    Do you have one with pink icing?

    • Huzaifa Amir(Huzaifa ) author

      Nop but if u say then i will add one with pink ice. I think the same i mean donut need to be scaled and yeah need to change the camera angle and bring it to as close as possible. Right?

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool one, the plates and cup look like real glass. Great job with the doughnuts as well. The only thing I'd change a bit is the flat plane color. You can add a texture that makes it look on a table top. Maybe move the camera to get different shots if you want to avoid showing the plane too much. All in all it looks so great that I'm totally going to have doughnuts today after work.