Domino (Dynamics Course) Final

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I'm running down the dynamics course and I thought this turned out quite nice :)

Achieved using an image texture and all of the dominos unwrapped from view from the top view and after the simulation finished running 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great idea, the result was cool. I agree with your comments, the camera was going around very quickly and it was a little uncomfortable to follow. Must've taken a while to get the texture to match the logo once they were knocked down. Awesome work again man.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      The texture part was extremely easy actually, I used a method I learnt watching Ian Hubert. If you select all the pieces together, go to edit mode, top view, U to unwrap and choose unwrap from view, then you can go to the shader panel, create a new material, asign and image texture with the logo and UV coordinates to the mapping node, and finally you can go to the UV Editor tab and still in edit mode, move and scale all the unwraps together to match the image :)
      And make all the dominos share that material

  • This is pretty awesome!

    My only comment, and I have trouble with this myself, is pacing the camera. Some of the swoops and changes of direction are a little abrupt.

    Really great job getting the dominoes to do what you want!

    • wardred

      Thinking about it, maybe one smooth transition from a relatively stable camera position that's just changing its angle a little to follow the action to a closer shot that causes the camera to have to move. . . but avoid the "swooping curve" at the corner? Just follow the action horizontally.

      I *do* like your starting position.

      Eh, there's lots of ways to balance it out, but outpacing the dominoes at the beginning, and your corner at the left, are really quick. With those two things a bit more balanced, this would be a pretty spectacular piece IMO.

    • Martin Aversa(cgtin) author

      Dully noted! Thanks for the feedback :)
      I agree, it's a bit too much tbh ahah

      Maybe it's a mistake on my end and I should go 100%, but I usually don't worry too much about the final result on courses like this one, courses about particular things I mean (e.g. cloth, particles, etc) because I see them more like a means to an end (using those as tools in a particular project).
      But it would be smart to care for those things so I get more practice too hehe