Do a burnout! Final

Completed the low poly muscle car course. Really starting to get a feel for the basics of the software. Excited to make a bike, kitchen, and character next w/ no tutorial. Thanks
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Sweet ride Kale. Congrats on finishing the tutorial with great results. One feedback is that it's very dark, hardly any lighting, but that's ok, Fundamentals of Digital Lighting is a course that will show you all of that 🤘🏼

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      Kale Schuetzeberg(baddog) author

      Thank you, I'm happy with the result too. I'm excited to take lighting, shading, and rendering courses down the road and come back to my early projects for a rework. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Nothing wrong with using tutorials or assets purchased on Blender Market, and it’s not just IMO: Andrew Price, a.k.a. Blender Guru, said the same thing years ago. One of the mistakes the beginner Blender artists make, he said, is to try to do everything themselves. It just slows you down tremendously and, like as not, the quality of the result suffers as well. Do the important, the “challenge” thing you want to try out yourself; as for the rest — just respect the copyright law.😉

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      Kale Schuetzeberg(baddog) author

      Yeah, I totally agree. Once I get past the fundamentals I'm going to dive deep into addons. At one point I was working through some of the tutorials by Blender Bros (Josh Gambrell) and while the content was great they were using so many addons I had no idea what was fundamentally happening. That's how I ended up on CG Cookie, to work on the basics. Thanks you for the insight.