Customizable ring using geometry nodes Final

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Customizable ring made with geometry nodes. Inspired by the Cell Cycle ring from Nervous Systems. 

The geometry nodes control the measurements such as size and height of the rings as well as the thickness of the material and rotation. The model as shown can be 3D printed in materials such as silver and gold using the most common printservices in the market (Shapeways, I.materialise or Sculpteo). 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Your brand is getting distinguishable Daphne. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I was like oh, I bet that is from the girl of that nature jacuzzi and the branch earrings. Good work, keep it up!

  • Open Relationship Wedding Ring: how’s that for the product name? It’s just that I look at it and think light-weight, transparency, freedom—that sort of things. As opposed to heaviness, control, and obligation, which is what I tend to associate with the words ‘wedding’ and ‘marriage.’😉