Cubicity Toronto Street Final

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Hey there! I just wrapped up on the cubicity course, and have prepared a bunch of assets for everyone to use. I decided to make the street near to where I used to live. I added a bunch more road level assets, Some patios, bus stops, planters, mail boxes, and a few local skyscrapers. I also added the Polytruck that might look familiar haha.I added a CN tower as well. I went on google street view, went down the street, and moddeled all the objects that I saw.

I know the cubicity pack says to not add real world monuments, but I disagree with the spirit of those rules haha. Making my street is what inspired me to create.

All assets are made using the official materials.

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  • Looks great, great job. My former home for a few years in the 90's, loved living there but it sure has changed. I recently visited and it's changed so much. I lived near Dufferin and Rogers, Lansdowne and Davenport and lastly on Mullock, Keele and St Clair where I also use to work at the steel fabricator that use to be there but now a plaza, I seemed to recall as we passed by driving. a few years back Thanks for the bringing back some good memories. The scenes look very good and has a great familiar vibe for me.

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      Trent Pecker(Matchbook) author

      Thanks! Yeah I lived there a few years ago, but recently had to move to Montreal for work. This is my first environment work I've done in blender, and I quite like it!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Cool Cubicity City and assets Trent, I'm glad you loved the course, we all love Cubicity, it's super fun for sure.

  • Awesome results :)
    I might have to take the cubicity course now, looks too good to skip.

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      Trent Pecker(Matchbook) author

      Awesome! I found I got the most out of it by going on google street view, picking a street I like, and creating some assets based on that. I feel like the asset pack could use some suburbans places, highways, municipal buildings, ect.