Cubicity Inception Final

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The cubicity course never failed to bring a smile to my face, learned so much as I had hardly used nodes like this before and never heard of color attribute, never mind parametric building.

I used Blender 3.4 for this build, and did run into a few problems that drove me crazy but got there in the end.

Struggled with the lighting and just couldnt get my lovely road texture to show lol.

This is my nod to a certain movie im sure you can guess from the title :)

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  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Oh man, I LOVE THIS! Brilliant idea to inception-ize. Amazing execution too. Thanks for posting!

  • Inception, but also a hint of Escher. Love it! (first I thought I was looking at the american town with the steep hills, San Francisco I think?)

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      Thank you. Now you mention it I can see the San Francisco vibes in the render, I should have made a Mustang GT, as a nod to Steve McQueen's car in Bullitt.

  • I'm starting with this course now. My purpose was basically learning how to use assets and geometry nodes, but now I'm thinking that I can also try to build something cute and fun.
    Your final project looks awesome. The Inception idea, the choice of colors so bright and saturated, the positioning of the cameras, the use of DOF in the last image, ... I love it all.

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      I was really impressed with the asset library and geomentry node side of the course, and like Kent says it is like playing with lego when your library is ready to go.

      Thanks for the feedback, I did ramp the colour saturation right up as I felt it worked for the style I was going for. I couldnt get the DOF to work in my large scene, will have to come back to that one day.

      Enjoy the course.

  • Cubiception. This is great!

  • This is incredible! What course was it please? Reminds me of one of my favourite films ;)

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      Thanks Paul.

      Its from the Cubicity course, the end project would be a 4 city block.

      I changed and adapted it myself to look like the scene from Inception.

  • Adrian

    Congrats on completing the course!
    Did you submit your models for Kent to review?

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      Thanks Adrian.
      I will be submitting my vehicles, small trees and a couple of roof props. I'm taking a few days off from blender to recover lol as I've never worked this long on a single project before, my brain needs to recharge.

      Really looking forward to Kents new course: Sessions, I need a smaller project to concentrate on next.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude that is brilliant, love this idea and execution. For the road texture to show, it's all about the lighting, it needs certain conditions to really pop. And not only for Cubicity, I mean in general. If you want to test it out, get one block of the road into a brand new blender file and play with the lighting, you'll see that as you change the location, intensity, radius, if it hits at grazing angles or directly, etc, it'll all make the material react in different ways and your bump map and details will come though depending on how something is lit. So you can always change the lighting and place it in a way that accentuates your texture.

    • Brian Dixon(Brlee75) author

      Thanks Omar, I will definitely revisit the project and see if I can get those lovely textures to pop.

  • I’ll have to give it a go.
    Looks great