Creature Modeling for Production Work In Progress

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Who's dog is this? It ate my bike.
Really enjoyed this one. I went and stencil painted the concept art onto the model and touched it up. Happy with the results
Edit: WAAAHHHH STAFF PICK! Thanks yall, it's an honor. Thank you for the awesome tutorials as well. Loving it here

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  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Amazing result, Hayden! I'm so impressed that you completed this project in 2023 given that it was my first official course for CGC over 10 years ago.

    Sculpt, model, and texture is all fantastic. Major props for taking this project further 👏👏

    • Hayden Brown(Bonkerz) author

      Thank you Kent! This course displayed a good workflow for the creatures that I'm making now and the topology part was great

  • Adrian

    Top job Hayden!
    The topology does look pretty good.
    And the banana on his head?
    He could use it as a tooth pick!

    • Hayden Brown(Bonkerz) author

      Thanks Adrian! There are some pretty swirly loop cuts on it, thinking back, that I added. Pretty happy with it though as I kept it all quads, if I remember correctly

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Oh dangs this turned out really really good. Feels menacing and the simple lighting and textures work really well. The simple background is normally a hindrance, but it works fine here. Awesome job once again Hayden.

  • You did a great job with the creature!

    The topology looks clean, I love the texturing, and the bicycle wheel is a really nice touch!