Cozy Campfire - Summer Fun Challenge Final

Summer Fun is spending time at a campfire with my family: my lovely wife, and our dog "Ramona. WIP thread: This is my first contribution to a challenge, and my first "bigger" project since starting Blender (I tried for about a month, 6 years ago, but this is my first time truly dedicating time to it). I learned a lot, and found it fun solving different challenges that arose on the way to final images.
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  • @theluthier thanks so much for the feedback! I really enjoyed your fundamentals of digital scultping course, and I hope to progress enough in the next year to be able to follow your more advanced character courses.

    A fair point about the campfire. I tried to run the smoke and fire simulation, but my implementation was pretty rushed and clumsy. I'll have to rewatch those fundamentals of dynamics videos again at some point, and keep your advice about color in mind. Thanks again!

  • Kent Trammell(theluthier)

    Nice job jammingammon! I have many fond memories with family around a camp fire as well. Love that context.

    The biggest thing that bumps me is that the fire feels orange without feeling bright.

    Brightness is commonly conveyed like a lightsaber: White in the middle that fades toward a color toward it's edges. Likewise a flame is bright white in the middle with a yellow-to-orange glow on the edges that makes it feel hot.

    Just something to consider. Great job on your entry! 👏

  • Great work! 👍 A lovely scene.

  • The stack of logs are so unreal I mean in sort of low poly way. :)

  • That's a really happy scene 😀! Great work 👍!