Cover art Work In Progress

Finally found some 'real-life' use for my Fairyblade Scimitar from 2018.

This is a prototype (a release candidate, shall we say in software developer-ish, my native tongue) of the cover art for the sci-fi novel I've been working on for some years, on and off; I plan (hope?) to self-publish on Amazon one day, when I think it's ready. The images include the half-size renders with no text, and with the dummy author name, title, and the series (I'd prefer not to do product placement here, not to mention I'm still mulling over a pen name to use, and the title might change, too).

Some background, to help you see why it is what it is.

In my universe, the Fairyblades are an all-female elite regiment in the interstellar equivalent of the Persian empire (with some much more modern aspects to it as well) who eventually got betrayed and massacred by the patriarchy zealots (and thugs); and now the men are beginning to understand what they'd lost and miss them terribly (😥): a part of the background for the actual story.

Naturally, this stuff is even more of a work in progress than this project itself: like I said, it may never get published (and nothing to do with Blender and CG: just a bit of a context🤣).

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  • I love the collection.
    I like the reflections in the glass. I always find that material tricky to work with.

    Love the WIP title/author.

    • anarchymedes author

      Actually, I thought to use the reflection to add a (very😉) subtle X-rated element to the picture—but it didn’t work: the reflection was either too clear (taking away all the subtlety) or completely broken, indistinguishable from the ordinary (PG-13) background. So, I’ll have to write a sequel for the next try (maybe using shadows instead of reflections, or something).😆