Cookie Console Blue Final

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My completed take on the Press Start project to use as a learning progress. Added a few personal touches to it, such as shoulder buttons, filled in the bite mark partially, and made the cartridge a little more complex and all. This really helped, and I'm looking forward to making more things!

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  • Adrian

    I like how you have taken this a step further!
    A separate cartridge and internal cartridge slot.
    Well done!
    What do you plan on creating next?

    • B
      William Hudson(BilliamArts) author

      Currently learning about textures and such while I'm working on a low poly rendition of the room I inhabit. :P

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Ah I like all the little cool extra details. That filling up the bite mark is a nice touch. Thumbs up 👍