coffemaker Final

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I spent whole saturday on making this. Looks somewhat like if esspresso machine and carburetor had a baby. But I like it.

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  • You made all that in just one day! I have a long way to go! This is incredible!

    • Martin Říha(hadiczech) author

      Hi Paul, thanks for Your comment. Don ´t worry, after couple of months You make better one. When You look closely, there is really not much to model, because many parts are repeating.

  • Yeah, besides the shadows it looks great, and I don't even drink coffee.

    • Martin Říha(hadiczech) author

      Thanks, Matt. I am still working on shadows, probably need to find better HDRI image, or rotate the one i used, and tweek a little other lights.

  • Hey you upped the barista coffeemaker game :) ! So cool! it has a real steampunk feel I like. Great work!

  • Thank You very much Omar, I appreciate your feedback. There is this problem with no shadows, I am trying to do something with it. It´s rendered in cycles. I think it´s because there is a light in front of the model and it is probably too strong. And also maybe the compositing could take some shadows away, I have to look at it. I have to say the modeling took not so much time, because there is actually just a couple of shapes, I recycled many times one of these cylindrical shapes, just changed proportions a little and the spring is also only one time created, and then many times used. So are the pipes. Fasteners are recycled from other models, cups and coffe beans are also re-used. Most of time took the assembling or kitbashig so to say.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It also looks like the lamp in Beauty and the Beast, so it's the love triangle of the espresso machine, the carburetor and a lamp from an enchanted castle. And you did all that in just one Saturday? Dangs I'm impressed. Great modeling, lots of details, great shading, textures have the right amount of surface imperfection, lovely lighting and glare, background doesn't detract with a good depth of field blur. In the second image I can see the signs of it being a real time render with eevee? There's hardly any shadows where there should be. Anyways, incredibly awesome work Martin, if I was a teach that's an A++ and a prize of two free tickets to a Pearl Jam concert.