coffeemachine Work In Progress

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Wanted to make a barista coffeemachine to use in some of my scenes.  I think I got the general shapes and forms right. Happy to get some feedback on this one.
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  • dostovel brad-nbo, I made updates based on your advice, WDYT? FYI, in order to save time I did rely on blenderkit assets for the coffeebar to complete what I did not yet make/have in my library.

  • Wow, great job. I'm no expert or anything, and this is just a suggestion, I was looking at the red and black outer part and they look kind of flat. If you added a bit mor roughness and toned the black color value down a tad it might make it pop more and we can see he edges. It definitely s a great asset for your scenes, I hope you post your scene sometime soon. Great job.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Looking really really good man, specially those closeup shots. The first one is a little too heavy for the depth of field considering the distance of the camera to the cup, perhaps it can be tine down a bit. The second one with the screen looks very realistic and perfect amount of depth of field, thumbs up there. The last one has some cool white balanced lighting, feels very eevee-esk though, it has that lack of bounce lighting and shadows feel. Also the background is so wide open and huge that it is like an extremely huge table of sorts, but then the shadows seem to come from a light with a texture of a forest? Throws things of a bit. The model looks great, maybe is the presentation that can be tweaked a bit. Great job nonetheless 🤟🏼

    • Sébastien Lenaerts(slenaerts) author

      thx brad-nbo and dostovel , both super actionnable feedback. for the background I wanted to keep it abstract, but the forest gobo is probably too specific and thus creating confusion. I'll have another go at it. concerning the shading, i'll fix it by adding objects that will reflect on the material and replace the lights. somehow due to my lighting choices the red and black loose all their definition.