Coffee Scene Composition Reworked Final

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It was bugging me the first composition I did so I reworked it and got better results and a little better understanding how to arrange and connect nodes. Still have a lot to learn. 8^)

I hope I can swap the file  of my first submission.

UPDATE: Went back and tried to improve the vignette effect (first/top most pic)

UPDATE to UPDATE: Posted new pic (top) to Adrian's suggestions. It does look better, took out some saturation and thinned the vignette. l'm sure there are many more tweaks needed and probably my node setup  needs further readjusting but this is my first and not last. lol. 

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  • Adrian

    It is better, but my opinion is the vignette is a little too much, a subtle vignette is what you should be aiming for.
    Also the coffee beans are too red, you may want to adjust that, just a little.

    • Brad Wheeler(brad-nbo) author

      Thanks Adrian (and Omar) for the critiques/suggestions, they are appreciated. I adjusted and posted new pic.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    This one is much better. The logo and the smoke are better composited. The vignette is a bit strong if you ask me, I mean its not a right or wrong answer, but it feels like when in TV they want to make it look like you're in a dream.

    • Brad Wheeler(brad-nbo) author

      Yeah, I was fighting with the vignette. I personally don't like them but added them for the sole reason of being able to add them. I still have lots to learn and I suspect that colors and contrast may be stron for most but for me it' makes things easier to see and pop for me. So there will be differences in likeability fer shure. lol I get these differences in likeability all the time without the computer.
      Something I do notice is how different the pics look here than on my screen. Here it looks like the pics are enhanced a bit. The vignette on my screen is a lot more faint than it is here.