Coffee Scene Composition Final

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Finished and submitted my work for the Fundamentals of Compositing.

This was a great course, learned a lot and it was challenging which is good.

First work with nodes. It's  kind of a hack job on my part, everything is kind of a new concept, way of doing things but I am happy with the results, even though it's not that good. lol

I had trouble making the steam look like steam and improving the CG Cookie characters colors. Need to learn a lot more on nodes. I was doing a lot of experimenting and malking things fit that probably shouldn't be put together, lol.

It was fun though.

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    I remember this exercise, I made it myself back in the day. That smoke and the logo are a little trippy but good thing is you learned along the way. Keep on going Brad.