Cloud runner Final

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Hi guys,

I have created this 3d version of the " Cloud Runner" by the awesome concept of Luigi Lucarelli.

The model was created as part of my ongoing practice in character creation.

Made a hi poly version for rendering and optimized it to game ready model.

Hope you like it.   

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  • That looks awesome!

    This is the kind of work I'd love to know to do if I was able to learn character creation... One day...

    • Dani Tufeld(danitufi) author

      Thanks a lot!!

      Why not go on this path? just keep practicing all the time and you can reach any goal...
      good luck!!

  • You did a good job translating the original sketch to 3D, that is never as simple as it seems.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    This is incredible cool and awesome. I agree with Adrian, you captured the essence perfectly and translated the art from 2D to 3D masterfully. And you made him with the hand in the pocket, that takes courage. After I spend all that time and effort modeling that robot hand, I'd be like uh uh, ya'all gonna see this hand I modeled.

    • Dani Tufeld(danitufi) author

      Thanks so much Omar!!
      I am really flattered!

      Regarding the hand, ha ha you are right...
      But it was important for me to create the modal aqurite as A pose and his final pose.
      And the hand is still visable in other renders and sketchfab if somone want to see...

      Thanks again!!

  • Adrian

    Superb work Dani,
    A real testament to your 3D character skills. You have matched the concept art with amazing accuracy and detail.
    even the facial expression looks spot on.
    Staff Picked 🏆

    • Dani Tufeld(danitufi) author

      Thank you so much Adrian for the kind words!!
      I really tried to stay as close to the orignal refreance as possible.