Classical Guitar Final

Big thanks to Tut4u on YouTube for his Ukulele tutorial, while I used it for reference, I ended up going a different route to create a classical guitar instead of a Ukulele. Textures from View full size and details here:
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  • Thanks so much, David! Your comments and critique os hoghly appreciated :) honestly, you nailed the spots I was struggling with most haha, the lighting. I will take what you offered for advice and try to improve this even more :)

  • Really well done, Michael! You really know your materials :D
    One minor thing I'd adjust a bit to make it even better would be the lighting. As for now it's a little difficult to make out the geometry on some parts of the guitar where the shadows are very hard.
    Well, we all know how a guitar looks like, so it's not really a problem here to imagine how the shape continues, but I think it would still add to the image if some details were visible.

    Your guitar head has a very dark material. This combined with the also dark part of the floor it's sitting on makes it hard to put an emphasis on the details like the top part of the tuners. You could experiment with another light source shining on this spot.

    Ok, These were my only nitpicks :)
    Overall it's an extremely good image. Very good work :D

  • Thank you! I love Poliigon so much haha

  • Cool stuff :) , great model and you are really getting some great results with those poliigin textures :)