Checkmate Final

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I like playing chess and thought I make a scene. It is not realistically aligned... they are just acting.

I hope you like it. Please criticize me I wanna get better.

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  • Thanks for the warning (that this is not a real position): I started to analyse it to see why the black king is down when it’s not under check, let alone mate.😲😁 Oops, but he is under check from the white queen: blind me!🤣
    Apart from that — shadows. Where are they? The only piece that I can see casting one is the fallen king. And if they’re meant to be all ghostly, then perhaps they should be semi–transparent, with something visible through them, board and all. BTW, the yellow-greenish lighting reminds me of The Matrix: also a direction to explore.

    • mastart author

      Thank you for your time, after all I realized that it needs more polishing.... a lot of polishing I must admit...
      thank you

  • I think a little haze could be cool. Chess in a cigar smoke filled room, or an Alien 1 vibe when they open up the escape pod. Omar's right, I'd put something else in the background and dial back the haze a bit.

    • mastart author

      thanks Austin, with other peoples opinion things become clearer and def needs more work on details. Thank you for your input.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's great work Martin. I guess my only critique would be the background being all covered in haze. Feels like it's the chessboard Hades plays in the underworld. Looks cool though.