Century Age of Ashes Dragon Skin Contest Final

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A dragon skin design I made for century age of ashes.

Any Suggestions/tips/criticisms would be awesome! 

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Awesome dragon. I don't know why Dead Space immediately came to my mind. I think we should name him, hence forth your dragon shall be known as Issac. I agree with Sebastien, the texture on the wing feels like it's not flesh but some hard surface material. Still looks pretty awesome though. 🤟🏼

  • very very very cool! it feels alive, congrats! well done. To me I'd say the bone texture still looks a bit like wood, i'd play around a little more with the settings. but that is just nitpicking.

  • Very awesome! Great work! Is that the sculpture or the re-topologized version? I haven't sculpted anything yet and the sculpting workflow and process looks like a lot of work, so this is amazing to me.

    • Cannon Raymond(stickdonkey) author

      Thanks! to answer your question its just sculpted, I didnt have enough time to re-topologize or bake out the normal maps. And once you understand/start sculpting you will see how fun it is!