Cabin in the Woods Final

An outdoor nature scene of a cabin in the woods, using many textures I photographed myself.
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  • i like the scene but if you wanted to make it better i would add more to the porch maybe character drinking coffee in the morning or some chairs like maybe a rocking chair it's up to you and make the stairs straight and get rid of the white things on pillars i think it's concrete i saw some cabins with concrete on it but i also saw some without any ways i'm going stop being mean and say great job using textures something i'm weak with and i don't have to much experience so this way better then anything i could do but felt like this scene could go over the top with just a few more things but if you were just testing out textures this great and the textures are awesome sorry for any misspelling small box to type in

  • Your self made textures seem to work pretty well. Very nice scene