Cabin Final

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Here is my finished spooky cabin in the woods, and any feedback is welcome.
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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    It's a great result Matt. The fading last orange light in the background is a nice touch, the extra assets, the atmospheric fog, the mountains, it's all great. I like how you made it feel different and placed the hut on a more open environment, almost a mountain top. I guess if there was to be a small critique it's in the camera movement, feels very computer like in a way, robotic maybe. You could polsih those curves a bit more to make it feel more organic. All in all it's great work 🤘🏼

  • If it was meant to be a still image, I’d say it’s okay. But if it was meant to be an animation, then I’d recommend more small movements: the pot, steaming; the fire under it, flickering and smoking; the lights at the cabin’s front flickering as well, and maybe swaying a little… that sort of thing.
    And if I were to really go for the gold here, in that final part where there’s the evil laughter coming from inside and the light inside comes on, I’d also add the tendrils of greenish phosphorescent fog seeping through the goor cracks and reaching out.
    Come to think of it, some of these details wold work for a still image as well, just adding a couple of nice touches.

    • Matt Dickun(az93) author

      I like your idea about the tendrils of fog. I see what you mean about adding more detail to the pot animation. I did the whole project as a still image, but the animation was an after thought.

      Thanks for your feedback.