Bugatti Type 55 Roadster Final

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My most ambitious Blender modelling project so far!

The Bugatti Type 55 was produced 1932-1935 and is a road-going version of the Type 51 Grand Prix race car. Only 38 cars were made, of which 16 were equipped with a 2-seater roadster body designed by Jean Bugatti himself. None of the factory bodied cars had doors which made them far less practical than the cars bodied by external coachbuilders, most of which did have doors.

My model is mostly inspired by chassies no 55231, built in 1933 and factory equipped with a Jean Bugatti body. Straight 8 cylinder engine with supercharger. 130 BHP, which gave the light-weight car (800 kg!) impressive performance for its time.

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  • Amazing work! Great details all around.
    I would only park that one inside my house too :)

  • Louvers are great, over all a master work.
    Any specific place you used to research for this project?
    I like your setting, shows off the model

    • k
      Per Ricktun(kelderek) author

      To research this, I collected all the pictures I could find online... There are TONS of pics of old Bugattis out there, since the cars frequently turn up at car shows and events.
      Chassie no 55231 was up for auction recently and I found a lot of good pics in the auction catalogue online. I also found a blueprint, which is very helpful to get the dimensions correct. The blueprint was of a coupe, not a roadster, but the main dimensions such as length, width, wheelbase etc are the same anyway.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    That looks great and realistic. I think the environment feels very out of place though, maybe put on some memorabilia that goes along with the car history on the walls and on small tables? Either way it looks freaking great 🀘🏼

    • k
      Per Ricktun(kelderek) author

      Thank you! :-)
      Yes, the environment is a bit empty. My objective was to have a somewhat neutral environment that didn't take too much attention away from the car, but still being more interesting than the "dark gray void" usually seen in car renders...
      Adding some car memorabilia is a great idea! This particular car (chassie no 55231) won a lot of races, so maybe some trophies on a table! :-)