Bug bot Final

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First take on the bug bots, moving onto the other bugs next.
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  • Hey Grant,
    Your Beetle Bot looks great! (Originally said coming along nicely, but the beetle is far enough along it looks like it could be finished to me.)

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      Grant Hughes(RedEye51) author

      Thanks for the kind words Wardred, you are correct, the bettle is complete but I intend to add a few more bugs to the project (assuming I can add multiple images to a project 🤞)

    • wardred

      RRedEye51 - Yes, you can add more than one image to a project.

      I look forward to your upcoming bugs!

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Wow that is a very very super great result, looks so realistic and the shallow depth of field is superb as well as the lighting and textures. Super top job 🤙🏼

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      Grant Hughes(RedEye51) author

      Thanks Omar, hopefully I'll have some more to add to this one soon!