Bug Bash Work In Progress

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From the Bug Course(really enjoyed the course), these were Kit bashed from disassembled photos using quad drawing in Blender. Those pieces were combined to create an array of insects that could represent the future worker. Materials were driven from the photo-bashed textures.

Chips and Components will be assembled by worker bots, why not drone cyborg ant workers?

Moths and butterflies harvest the data.

Beetles protect and monitor the food supply.

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  • I love the last one: where the second ant is visible in the distance. The surface they crawl upon -- this kinda sorta circuit board -- completes the style and overall, it's got just the right balance between realism and stylisation which I myself find hard to nail, and don't see many others nail successfully👍😎.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    The image before the last, the green beetle is my favorite one, he feels like a worn out tired robot. Looks cool 🤙🏼