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Robot looking after plants on a spaceship

Inspiration taken from Silent running and a little bit of 2001

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  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Great Bob-Bot. It's a nice touch how one foot is a little bit lifted off the ground, cool concept as well. I do notice there's hardly any shadows or bounce lighting in the environment and it makes it feel very Eevee real time fakery of the render engine. You can specially see the water container that the robot is holding how it looks very flat. You can also do a bit of bloom for the little lights, that always gives it a nice touch. I think I notice a little bit of depth of field in the back, may be artifacts from the denoiser though. Maybe you can take this scene and try to mess around with the lighting and rendering it in Cycles, it has a huge potential to be even more awesome that it is right now. Lovely concept, love the robot, I like that its has a name, thumbs up man 👍