BlenderArtists Contest Entry "Steampunk Mobility" Final

Here is my entry for the BlenderArtists Contest Entry "Steampunk Mobility". 

Self-balanced steampunk scooter - Modeled in Blender, rendered in cycles.

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  • great idea. and i love the shiny things (don't we all). Re the white rubber, I think it works as it is. It is an unfamiliar substance - but is actually much closer to the natural color of rubber, once it has been manufactured.
    I'm always interested to find out ---
    what did you struggle with?
    what was easier than you expected?

    • Thibault Caradec(otowa) author

      Thank you.
      What I stuggled with was to decorate it in a pleasing manner. At first I added some golden embolishments that looked awful, I replaced them with simpler golden plates in the front and on the middle blue fabric part. I also had to fight some weird behaviour from Normal and Roughness maps.

      What was easier than expected was to get rims that would please me and look nice. I really like what I manage to get there without too much trouble.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Daaangs that is great. The rubber of the wheel looks rather odd though, almost like porcelain. Overall it looks cool. Good luck on the contest Thibault.

    • Thibault Caradec(otowa) author

      Thank you! Yeah to be fair I couldn't find a good texture for the wheels, and I wanted to be done with it.

    • wardred

      Very nicely done!
      If you lightened the material up and maybe made the rubber a little thicker you could have white walled wheels.