Beyond Human Final

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Fan art - Takemura - Cyberpunk 2077

A personal project I have wanted to do for some time, mixing hyper realistic character modelling with hard surface sculpting.

Everything completed in Blender, I followed Kent's Human course for the skin shader, lighting and compositing.  Kent's skin shader is absolutely incredible and I am super pleased with the results it gave me.

Textures for the hard surface models are mostly poly painted with procedural elements.

I had wanted to dip into Blenders new hair system but decided to stick to hair particles as I'm familiar with the work flow and I got a bit excited to press on, I think the results are still pretty nice. 

I struggled early on with my chosen character being of Asian ethnicity,  it took a lot a fine tuning and reference analyzing to get the facial features correct. 

The whole project took just under two weeks of evenings and weekends  

I'm pretty excited to try another realistic project so criticism is very welcome.   

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  • Truly stunting result!!
    You mixed both organic and hard surface with perfection with big emphasis to the details!!

    Really inspiring!!

    • d
      Danny Hunt(dannyj2k) author

      Thanks Dani, was wanting to tackle the human course since seeing your TLOU project. Keep up the stellar work 👍

  • I have yet to take Kent's Human course, but your results make me want to start now. The Asian ethnicity does show through in the final image, good work. The face and mechanical parts look great. The skin shader also looks great. My only criticism is that his shirt looks a little stiff for fabric.

    • d
      Danny Hunt(dannyj2k) author

      100% if you are interested in character creation in Blender it’s a must. I totally agree about the shirt, it was the last piece I did and I think I just rushed to the finish line a teeny bit too quick and could have given it an extra nights work. Thanks for checking it out and look forward to seeing your result if you decide to take on the course 👍

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude that is next level. The hardest parts of both world combined into one, organic models and hard surface model. The result is superb, I bet the Cyberpunk developers would be proud. Awesome job 🤘🏼

    • d
      Danny Hunt(dannyj2k) author

      Thanks Omar, really appreciate the kind words. Yeah I’m pleased with how this project turned out. Can’t praise Kent’s work on the human course enough. Don’t think I would have got this result without it to be fair.