Autonomous robot showing off his dancing skills. AI is going crazy. Final

In Stanley Kubrick's 1968 movie "2001: A Space Odyssey" we met HAL 9000. One of the first AI computers who got self awareness and tried to control human destiny. Now , 20 years later than the date the movie was supposed to take place, AI machines are real and they are starting to behave uncontrolled. Not to destroy human race, but just to show off dancing in the streets 🙄. This is my first attempt with the VFX workflow. It could have been much easier if the real video footage were best planned: choosing higher contrast colours for my clothes (yes, it's me😏) for example, or a location with less contrast between sun and shadows would have made the work much easier. Anyway, I hope these challenges should help to me get new skills. Rendered with Blender 3.0 Cycles-X
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  • wardred Yes. That was just what happened. The problem is that, when I noticed the difficulties to combine the robot shadow and the real tree shadows, I had so much work done that I didn't want to go back and start from almost scratch.
    So I worked out a solution in the compositor to mix the rendered robot shadow with the background movie using the background luminance as a multiplier (not very well explained...).
    Next time I will be more carefull with the real footage.
    Tahnks for your comment!

  • This is pretty fun. Nice Job!

    The shadows from the leaves makes this surprisingly challenging. The bright daylight and intricate shadow patterns make it pretty unforgiving.

    It'd almost be easier to get the lighting on an overcast nearly shadow-less day and put in your own trees with a similar shadow pattern then work from that.

    (Your Blender trees would cast the shadows, not the real trees.)

    You could take this either into further realism, or go for a Cool World / Roger Rabbit vibe with it.

    Overall a really fun piece!

  • anarchymedes. Yes, now that you point it, I agree the lights are way too bright. Specially in the eyes.
    Probably I would try another VFX project, although I don't have any idea yet. I do have projects in mind with sculpted characters using a mix of realistic and cartoony looks. 😁 Maybe you will like them in the future.
    There are so many different things that you can do with Blender, and I want to try everyone.
    Thankyou for your feedback. Really!

  • The robot’s lights may be a bit too bright, considering that it’s a sunny day; otherwise, excellent: that’s what I believe Blender is ultimately for — although everyone else seems to disagree and keep hammering out stylised, cartoonish stuff and anime — or sculpting. All the things I hate!😜😈😁

  • Good vibes! Very impressive Ricardo, the shadows are very believable as well as the robot texturing.