Astray Final Submission Final

While it feels a little bit more like a story board than a final product, the due date is here!  Submitted with ~10 minutes to go, assuming I got the date right.  :-b

I had a ton of fun with this, and ran into a few challenges actually trying to put this scene together.  Simulations slow things down boys and girls.  Be careful with them.  Know how the knobs your fiddling with affect performance.

I would love to revisit this and actually flesh out the things I was missing.  Timing for one thing.  The camera Doom sprints at the beginning, then when he's chased he slows down to a crawl.

Deciding the actual dialog and sound effects.

Getting the fog to explode out of the cupola like I wanted.

Or the lake creature's arms.  Or a woman's voice, or anybody other than a tone shifted version of my voice, for the thing.

Edit: Try this video URL:

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