Ant Bot WIP Work In Progress

Working on the ant now. I want different feet, but it's coming along nicely otherwise.
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  • wardred author

    The second walk cycle is a pretty decent improvement.

  • wardred author

    I have a test walk cycle. It's not quite there yet, but it's close.

  • wardred author

    I'm happy with the feet now, but I'm probably putting too much detail into this little guy.

    The jaws are going to twist and fold back in themselves so when they're "closed" they look like a normal beaked ant. They can twist and unfold to carry mode. They'll look a bit like pliers, powered by hydraulics.

  • Omar Domenech(Dostovel)

    Dude that thing looks dangerous, it's like from a CIA weapon's program 🤘

    • wardred author

      Thanks Omar!

      Lighting this thing is going to be an interesting challenge.

      I've an idea for an animation with several of the bug bots. We'll see how it goes.